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Rajesh Kandaswamy

Rajesh Kandaswamy

Distinguished VP Analyst
Rajesh Kandaswamy is a Distinguished VP Analyst and Fellow serving technology-based businesses. He focuses on strategic guidance for product leaders and technology executives on leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), especially on generative AI, foundation models, large language models, and machine learning. He specializes in the strategic applications of these technologies including how to create business value, apply new business & economic models, develop products & services, build competitive advantages, and spur innovation. Mr. Kandaswamy leads a research initiative on publishing the top trends impacting technology providers. He is a frequent speaker on these topics and has been often quoted in leading publications.
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Monday, 18 May, 2020 / 08:45 AM - 09:45 AM BST
Keynote: Winning in the Turns

When does ‘normal’ change becomes a turn? Turns are times of uncertainty and change from the status quo. While some see turns as filled with challenges, leaders see them as opportunities, up to 5x more than their peers, according to Gartner research. The keynote looks at the multiple turns shaped by technological, customer, economic, regulatory and other changes faced by high tech leaders. Discover how you can better see turns, navigate and emerge victorious.

Monday, 18 May, 2020 / 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM BST
The Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020

Strategic technology trends have significant disruptive potential and set the stage for innovation over the next five years. Companies must examine the business impact of these trends and adjust business models and operations appropriately or risk losing competitive advantage to those who do. These are trends that IT cannot afford to ignore.

Monday, 18 May, 2020 / 04:50 PM - 05:10 PM BST
Determine Which Emerging Technologies and Trends Should Be on Your Radar

Emerging technologies and trends excite you with their potential. However, as a technology or services provider, your job is to deliver value to your customers, not just be “buzzword compliant.” Learn which technologies and trends should be on your radar, what their impact may be, and how you should apply them to improve your product or services offering.

Tuesday, 19 May, 2020 / 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM BST
Moving Beyond the Blockchain Hype – Lessons From Early Adopters

For all the hype, the actual adoption of blockchain remains low. Blockchain provides unique opportunities and challenges. But, some early adopters are forging ahead. In this presentation, we will discuss what we can learn from these early adopters. Further, we will highlight how this impacts technology and service providers.

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