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Gartner’s Catalyst Conference takes – a deep dive into technical trends and topics that are the most challenging,  offering a dynamic live context where you can ask questions, vet ideas and proactively problem-solve with Gartner and your peers. 


Built on the leading-edge Gartner for Technical Professionals (GTP) research, Catalyst provides a holistic view across a broad range of topics.  You will experience the power of our technically-focused research and objective advice and leave with a blueprint for project planning and execution.   


We’ll examine the latest emerging trends and how to improve productivity with cloud-native apps and platforms, blockchain, enterprise apps and app architecture, AI and advanced analytics, data management and integration, DevOps, and more. And, we explore the role of security in all of them.


With an agenda created specifically for the technical professional, Catalyst helps you meet today’s most critical challenges, and position your enterprise for digital success. 

Expert guidance

Be the first to hear about emerging trends; validate your strategy and leave with a solid action plan.  Click here to see the full list of Gartner experts & inspiring keynotes who will be onsite. 

Special Programs

See first-hand the latest technologies in a variety of new and interactive platforms designed to create a deeper learning experience. View the NEW and expanded sessions available only at Catalyst. 


Technical Solutions

Analyze, test and compare innovative technology that will add the most value to your business. Click here to see which exhibitors will be at the summit and how you can interact with them onsite. 

Peer networking 

Expand your network with 2,400+ of your peers and gain insights from those facing similar challenges. Click here to explore the formal & informal networking opportunities available to you onsite. 

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Explore the 2019 agenda

Our 10-track agenda gives unbiased content to help you tackle your biggest technical challenges 

Track A
Infrastructure Strategies: Datacenter, Cloud, and Edge Computing
By 2024, most organizations will have a significant amount of their data processing executing in someone else's data center. How can IT professionals not only keep their own data centers running well, but plan for and successfully navigate their way through all of this upcoming change? Gain insights to optimize on-premises data centers, integrate with 3rd party cloud platforms and applications, and embrace edge computing.
Track B
Modernizing Cloud and Datacenter Operations Through Automation and DevOps
Public cloud and DevOps have increased the pace of business. I&O must automate processes and tools across hybrid and multicloud envrionments to accelerate application delivery. Uncover techniques to use automation, AI, Platform Ops and cloud management tools. 
Track C
Implementing Cyber Security and Identity Architectures for Your Digital Business 
Cybersecurity remains a top concern for management as IT continues the move to the cloud. Learn about the latest developments across DevSecOps, 0365 Security, Cloud Security and Identity Access Management and how to leverage vendors to solve for specific business challenges. 
Track D
Productivity Suites, Collaboration Tools and SaaS: Enabling the Digital Workplace
Cloud-based applications promise to revolutionizing the digital workplace. New tools like Saas offering and the growing Office 365 portfolio require new thinking for development, implementation, management, adoption and troubleshooting. Discover how to handle the changes created by cloud-based applications.
Track E
Modernizing End User Technologies for Improved Productivity 
From mobility to cloud-based virtual desktops and voice-based virtual assistants with a sprinkle of Windows 10; the rate of change for end users continues to accelerate. Assess how to utilize this change to improve user - and administrator - productivity.
Track F
Apply Agile Development, DevOps and CX to Build Modern Applications
Today business requires innovative applications that provide a great customer experience across multiple channels. How can agile application architecture and development practice help you adapt quickly to these new demands? Learn how to create agile architecture, implement DevOps and adopt CX practices that enable the next generation of applications.
Track G
Architecting Cloud-Native Applications for Speed and Agility
75% of organizations are either rebuilding or rearchitecting their applications to adopt cloud. Because cloud computing has a different set of constraints than traditional datacenter infrastructure it requires more than a lift and shift to reap the benefits. Learn how to architect your applications from the ground up with cloud in mind.
Track H
Building a Modern Data and Integration Architecture
Increasing data volume, variety and velocity require organizations to implement data management architecture that empowers employees and improves customer experiences. How can a cohesive approach to application integration increase data service efficiency within highly connected digital ecosystems? Dive deep into technology trends and best practices in data management and application integration.
Track I
From BI to AI to Automation: The Impact of ML in Transforming Business Analytics 
Harnessing the power of machine learning to build innovative AI solutions has become critical to be a disruptor within the marketplace. Standing still is no longer an option, so let’s get real. Gain pragmatic guidance on how to design the next generation of analytic architectures and services in order to transform and secure your digital organization.
Track J
Enhance Your Skills to Lead Digital Transformation
If culture is the #1 roadblock to digital transformation then creating an environment of agility and innovation must happen at the intersection of technology and employee behavior. From operations to data management and cloud security, discover strategies that elevate employee's skills to embrace change and improve digital adoption.

Conference Topics

Public and hybrid cloud strategies

Cloud security and identity architectures

Mobility and endpoint strategies

DevOps, DevSecOps, and Platform Ops

Cloud-native solutions

Data center modernization

Kubernetes, Containers and Microservices

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Internet of Things

Data Integration and Data Warehouse

Augmented Analytics 

Cost Optimization

Hear why attendees return every year: 

Q: What actionable insights did you get at Catalyst that impacts your strategy or results post-conference?

    A:  Attending Catalyst has helped our organization mature our data governance program. Also, we were able to modify our current “agile” approaches to solution development using the “Sprint” model presented in 2018.


Q:  What was the most valuable experience at Catalyst?

    A: We have been able to design everything from our BYOD strategy, to Edge computing strategy, to our multi-cloud strategy by attending Catalyst. 


Q: Why do you attend Catalyst every year?

    A:  I continue to find insights and value, even as I’ve progressed from IT architect, to first-line leadership, to mid-level, and to senior leadership.


Q:  Why did you bring your team to Catalyst and how did it amplify your return on investment?

    A:  We continue to attend Catalyst each year as an Architecture team uses Catalyst as the kickoff to our  “IT Architecture” calendar. 

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