Analyst Answers: The No.1 Marketing Trait for 2017 Success

Gartner analysts share why marketers need empathy and agility in 2017.

With Gartner Digital Marketing Conference 2017 fast approaching on May 10 – 12, 2017, in San Diego, CA, we asked Gartner for Marketers analysts to provide their thoughts on what traits marketers should develop so they can best deliver on their changing mandate in 2017.

What is the No.1 trait marketers should cultivate in 2017?

Chris Ross

The No. 1 trait that marketing leaders should cultivate in 2017 is empathy. Businesses that win in the new world order will excel in customer experience. If you cut away all the methodology, technology and process conversation around customer experience, it’s ultimately about empathy. Understanding what customers expect, their fears, their concerns, their aspirations are the true underpinnings of customer experience and the foundation upon which all the executional elements can be placed. Marketing leaders who don’t have an intimate understanding of their audience are not prepared to engage and interact effectively.

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Bryan Yeager
Marketing leaders must cultivate agility to be effective in a dynamic, digital world. CMO responsibilities are being stretched across an array of functions. New channels and platforms that enable marketers to engage audiences are multiplying at a lightning pace. To be the disruptor instead of the disrupted, consistently assess, prioritize, test, iterate and optimize marketing strategies and tactics.

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Ewan McIntyre
Accountability. Marketing leaders are the vital link between business goals and marketing activation. It’s essential that marketing leaders build programs and metrics that are completely aligned with realizing business goals and actively demonstrating how marketing supports business success.

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Charles Golvin
A maniacal focus on data hygiene and integrity. Marketers are increasingly data-driven, which runs the risk of inculcating a “more is better” attitude toward data collection. Marketers see the expanding range of data sources, including IoT-enabled consumer devices, as resources that increase their insight into consumer behavior and attitudes, enabling them to better anticipate customer need and intent. But in this case, more is not better — more data can simply mean more noise and less signal. The greater the volume running through the sluice, the lower the probability of finding the nuggets of truth within the stream. So marketers should focus on accumulating high-quality data that they trust, rather than on simply accumulating as much data as possible.

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